Cyberhawk 200M™ Submeter

Revenue grade certified, multi-meter, energy and power quality submeter

Cyberhawk 200M™ submeters are revenue grade* Multiple Meter Units (MMU).

These meters monitor energy, power and power quality, include digital inputs to count pulses from external water, gas and other meters, and have user configurable alarms.

Configuration options for integrating up to six (6) meters in one enclosure save space and cost.

* Revenue Grade Multiple Meter Units, Certified to ANSI C12.20 Class 0.5 or Class 0.2

  • Track, trend or benchmark energy usage (solar, wind, gas, electricity, etc.) by building, system or even zones for tenant billing with revenue-grade accurate measurements
  • Track lighting, HVAC, plug loads energy consumption
  • Commission and validate systems and equipment at startup and ongoing
  • Shadow main utility meter for billing verification
  • Perform energy audits and energy conservation measure validation
  • Identify cost avoidance opportunities and support load-shifting strategies
  • Record data for utility rebate programs
  • Support ongoing commissioning and verification for high performance building certifications and frameworks
  • Monitor power quality events with alarms
  • Revenue Grade Certified to ANSI C 12.20 Class 0.5 or 0.2
  • Integrates up to six (6) meters and twelve (12) digital inputs for water, gas, steam, and more
  • Integrated inputs and meters save cost, time and space
  • Web server option:
    • Enables browser-based remote access to live data and trend logs.
    • Third-party systems to read data
    • Push data to Powersmiths WOW™ building resource management system
  • Simplifies ongoing commissioning of building systems and equipment
  • Settable threshold alarms
  • Packaged and third-party UL inspected for safe installation
  • Equipped with RS-485 serial port
  • Supports Modbus RTU
  • Web server option:
    • Provides dynamic browser based user interface to access real-time data & short-term trends
    • Supports third-party data retrieval over Ethernet connection with Modbus TCP or Optional BACnet/IP protocol
    • Powersmiths WOW™ ready for building data integration, and more customized reporting options
  • Trend logs stored on the web server can be downloaded via network connectivity or direct connection to a computer
  • All models include easy to use touch screen displays
  • Web server models allow for password-protected online access to data
  • Web server models allow for easy connectivity and data push to Powersmiths WOW™ to further enhance building resource management and sustainability education