Cyberhawk 300™ Submeter

Multi-port energy & power quality submeter

An advanced non-residential submeter that provides energy, power and power quality measurements, as well as user defined event logs.  

The Cyberhawk 300™  meter offers configurations of up to 3-phase ports without additional meters, saving associated costs and space.  

The easy-to-use touchscreen display and web-server options allow for convenient setup and data accessibility.

  • Analyze electrical systems for root cause of equipment failure and disruptions
  • Monitor conditions that can negatively impact equipment reliability
  • Benchmark and trend building performance
  • Identify costs avoidance opportunities by load profile
  • Consolidate utility data (electricity, water, gas, steam, etc.) for more convenient reporting
  • Validate and measure the performance of energy conservation measures, systems and subsystems
  • Support ongoing commissioning and verification for high performance building certifications and frameworks
  • Use the building as a teaching tool by capturing real-time data to support sustainability education
  • Comprehensive power and quality parameters including THD, harmonic spectrum and waveforms
  • Time stamped event logging showing duration, deviation & recovery time: Half cycle sags/swells, over/under voltage and loss of phase
  • Relay outputs triggered by recorded events for annunciation and control features, such as remote shutdown of a breaker
  • Track water, gas, steam, and other building resource through pulse inputs
  • Advanced error correction for superior accuracy when used with error-characterized CTs (also offered by Powersmiths)
  • Up to four independent temperatures
  • Packaged and UL listed for safe, approved installation
  • Equipped with RS-485 serial port
  • Supports Modbus RTU
  • Web server option:
    • Provides dynamic browser-based user interface to access real-time data & short-term trends
    • Supports third-party data retrieval over Ethernet connection with Modbus TCP or Optional BACnet/IP protocol
    • Powersmiths WOW™ ready for building data integration, and more customized reporting options
  • Trend logs stored on the web server can be downloaded via network connectivity or direct connection to a computer
  • All models include easy to use touch screen displays
  • Web-server models allow for password-protected online access to data
  • Web-server models allow for easy connectivity and data push to Powersmiths WOW™ to further enhance building resource management and sustainability education