Cyberhawk Express™ Submeter

Innovative, cost-effective, rapidly deployed submeter 

Cyberhawk™ Express is featured as the most versatile, revenue-accurate power meter. The Cyberhawk Express™ can be  a single or multiple meter solution. These meters and their configurations deliver application-based, scalable solutions for basic to complex data collection and logging requirements, for a wide variety of non-residential buildings.  


Cyberhawk™ Express is featured as the most versatile, revenue-accurate power meter, configurable for a wide variety of applications. It boasts extensive logging capabilities that bring simplicity to data collection.

Accurately measure and collect data from:

  • Utility and energy meters
  • Buildings systems
  • A single electrical panel
  • Single circuits from a mixed electrical panel
  • Analog, digital & pulse inputs

The Express™ collects data like electricity, water, gas, steam, temperature, lighting, plug loads, HVAC, tenant zones and more.

With rapid-deployment and easy-to-use configurations, this model cost-effectively extracts individual circuits, or groups of circuits, from mixed panels.

To further simplify submetering and reduce overall cost, the Cyberhawk™ Express can measure circuits of up to 120A directly without requiring external CTs.

  • Extract individual circuits from a mixed panel for when you need to accurately meter systems, devices or zones that are on a mixed system electrical panel
  • Low-cost rapid deployment
  • Direct measurement of up to 120A loads without external CTs
  • Errorless summation of multiple meters & CTs enables accurate and cost-effective load aggregation
  • Daisy chain up to 12 meters for central access and reduced networking costs and failure points
  • Web-server option enables browser-based remote access to live data and trend logs, network connection to building management systems, and data push to Powersmiths WOW™
  • Analog and digital inputs for water, gas, temperature and more
  • Packaged and UL Listed for safe, approved installation

Live data can be viewed in real-time and logged data can be downloaded from Cyberhawk Express™ locally, via a computer directly connected to the meter’s USB port.

The web-server option enables browser-based remote access to live data, event logs and data trends, communication with third party systems, sensors and certified data push to Powersmiths WOW™ Sustainability Management Platform to support education, analytics and GHG reporting.

Learn more about how Powersmiths WOW™ can improve efficiency and simplify building data reporting efforts.