Only by working closely with our customers and truly understanding the unique application requirements, can we achieve the most successful solution. For 20 years, Powersmiths has designed, manufactured and sold innovative solutions and creative products designed to offer an exceptional lifecycle value, competitive energy savings and reduced safety risks.  Our highly-experienced engineers have committed themselves to creating sustainable power distribution and metering products and solutions for a wide variety of applications.

Some of North America’s leading organizations benefit from our lineup of energy-efficient power transformers, highly-configurable power distribution units, advanced submeters, and application-based building resource management systems. Learn how your organization can take advantage of long-term electricity savings, reduced infrastructure costs and improved safety with our highly innovative and energy-efficient solutions.



We provide our energy savings performance contract partners with predictable and verified electricity savings.  Our energy-efficient transformers combined with our retrofit best practices provide a smooth retrofit project experience and excellent product lifecycle value.  Our goal is to support our energy services contract partners throughout every step of the retrofit process. We aim to ensure project success, from aiding the submittal process with comprehensive baseline measurements and assessment of existing transformers, to the development of flexible designs to meet infrastructure requirements.

Whether it be coordinating a smooth installation process, or providing measurement & verification of new transformers, our team is there. Energy-efficient transformers can help organizations to reduce electricity waste, that otherwise yields cost savings and reduces specific complications that are unique to retrofit applications. Learn more about how Powersmiths can support your next energy savings performance contract project with guaranteed energy savings.


For over 20 years, Powersmiths has provided the mission critical and data center industry with innovative solutions. Through years of experience and direct input from our customers, our engineers have been able to innovate power distribution solutions that meet complex space requirements, minimize safety risks, improve system reliability and enable higher power densities. Our solutions deliver less energy waste, extensive configurability and, overall, an excellent lifecycle value.

With today’s dynamic and rapidly-growing mission critical and data center infrastructures, every customer presents an ever-evolving set of requirements and challenges. Our goal is to develop the most effective, class-leading power distribution and integrated product solutions that can support even some of the most complex applications. Learn how your mission critical and data center applications can benefit from Powersmiths’ products and solutions.


Building a more sustainable future begins here. We have an opportunity to plan, design, and create new buildings using modern and innovative technologies that reduce valuable electricity waste. Powersmiths’ products and solutions deliver an exceptional lifecycle value, with enhanced safety features, more energy savings and application specific tools to help to manage building resources more efficiently.

Buildings can be fully-equipped with class-leading, energy-efficient power transformers, advanced submeters and application-based building resource management systems. The investment today can save millions of dollars, reduce unnecessary natural resource and energy waste, and ultimately help to preserve the environment for future generations. Find-out how you can implement sustainable and innovative solutions within your next project.


An advanced building resource management system can help you manage and monitor the use of building systems and resources more efficiently. The right tools can help you track, collect, and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of building data reporting. Our energy-efficient solutions at Powersmiths can help you gain a better insight into the performance of sustainability initiatives, subsystem commissioning programs, tenant billing accuracy, and more.

Our end-to end, turn-key solutions streamline internal reporting processes and reduce unnecessary infrastructure costs. Our submetering and building resource management systems are fully-supported by application professionals, who will assist you from project assessment and planning, to installation, commissioning, and training.  See how you can improve the efficiency of your building management processes and accelerate your building’s performance, while reducing its environmental impact.