E-Saver OPAL EV™ Series 

High Performance Transformers for Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Applications

  • Minimizes Building Energy Waste (15-30% less Transformers Losses than DOE2016 Transformers)
  • Reduces Renewable Energy Requirement in Net Zero Projects
  • Optional EV Charger Energy Tracking
  • Potential for 15% Faster Charging with OPAL – EV 240V*
  • Low Lifecycle Cost
  • Performance Guarantee – 32 Years

The OPAL™ – EV Series (Models 240V & 208V) are ultra-efficient low-voltage dry-type isolation transformers optimized specifically for feeding Level 2 Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger applications, where loading varies from many hours of idling, to periods of heavy demand.


The OPAL-EV design delivers top performance for EV Charger applications. Features include from minimizing idling losses when there are no cars charging, to leading efficiency under heavy charging load, as well as the rapidly fluctuating loads in between. Powersmiths leverages its design best practice called OPAL – Optimized Performance for the Application Load, which in addition to efficiency optimization, considers the system as a whole, including load profile, impedance, arc flash, fault level, inrush, harmonics, and more. One of the achievements is very quiet operation – which can be an important consideration. Verified Performance is achieved by tight feedback loop between design, onsite manufacturing, and extensive real-world testing.


OPAL-EV Series transformers makes several meaningful contributions to both Net Zero Energy and LEED objectives. These buildings benefit from choosing OPAL-EV transformers that deliver:

  • Significantly lower operating losses. Compared to industry standard transformers, OPAL-EV reduces losses15-30% (depending on operating conditions), helping to drive down building energy consumption, resulting in reduced renewable energy offset requirements.
  • Integrated energy metering/logging options. Since the EV energy is used offsite, this option enables EV Charger energy use to be subtracted from the overall NET ZERO energy building calculation. Tracking this translates into a smaller required capacity and lower cost of renewables to meet Net Zero.

Powersmiths enables right-sizing of electrical infrastructure by offering a much broader selection of transformer kVA sizes. The capital cost, operating cost and footprint reductions can be dramatic – on the order of 30-50%, through smaller transformers, breakers, conductors, and distribution panels. 
Powersmiths guarantees that every transformer we manufacture meets our published technical data, and furthermore, that this performance is met over the full term of the 32-year pro-rated warranty. Being able to trust that savings are both real and long-term is part of why organizations choose Powersmiths.
Many general purpose transformers are purchased and installed because they have the lowest first cost, however, they carry a UL label on the basis of feeding only linear loads. Since most connected loads today are electronic with nonlinear profiles, a low-voltage transformer needs to be K-rated in order to have a valid UL listing for most applications today. E-Savers are appropriately K-rated. 
By going meaningfully beyond the DOE 2016 baseline efficiency, the E-Saver™ contributes to green building, LEED®, Net Zero and carbon footprint reduction goals. Additional benefits include our ISO14001 certified manufacturing, integrated metering and ability to integrate with the Powersmiths WOW™ Sustainability Management Platform.
Powersmiths certifications include ISO 9001 (Quality), ISO 14001 (Environment), ISO 17025 (Efficiency Test Lab), UL and CSA. Powersmiths has a production integrated nonlinear load test program that enables efficiency verification under real-world conditions, as well as IPMVP compliant field measurement of losses and efficiency, and Certified Test Lab Load Profile test reports.
Integrated metering can provide information about capacity utilization, load profiles, power quality and energy use.

The lockable hinged door and our patented 360º Rotatable IR Port™ options, both provide quicker maintenance access and reduce arc flash safety risks.

*U.S. Department of Energy, 10 CFR Part 431, Subpart K – Distribution Transformers

E-Saver OPAL™ series maximizes savings.  Compare each model’s optimized load range and the application for the most transformer energy savings.

Compare All transformer Models

All PDUs Come Standard with OPAL™ Series Transformers: Application Efficiency Optimized with Managed Inrush Currents.

OPAL™ Transformer Models Load Range & Application Savings vs. DOE 2016* Winding Material ** Continuos Overload Capacity K-Rating ***
E-Saver-33L 0-25%,
Most light loads, feeding electronic equipment in schools, offices, commercial, institutional, applications
33% CU 5% K7
E-Saver-20M 0-100%,
Widely varied equipment or process loading, or load changes overtime
20% CU 15% K1, K9, K13
E-Saver-25H 75-100%,
High Equipment Loads- Pumps, elevators, etc. in labs, broadcast, datacenter, industrial etc
25% CU/AL, CU opt. 20% K13
T1000-30H 50-100%,
Harmonic Mitigation for heavy harmonic-rich loads with high densities of electronic equipment
30% CU 20% K20
E-Saver-35H 75-100%,
Heavy loads for extended hours. Process equipment, labs, broadcast, telecom, and some data centers
35% CU/AL, CU opt. 33% K20
E-Saver-50H 75-100%,
Close to full continuous load. Labs, broadcast, telecom, and data centers, where overload capacity adds value, and energy rates and cooling costs are elevated
50% CU 50% K30
E-Saver-SOL 0-100%,
Solar Applications – operating from full load for long hours to idling at night
30% CU/AL, CU opt. 20% K20 but not required

* Estimated average energy savings for each load profile vs. DOE 2016 minimum efficiency rated transformer
**CU=Copper, CU/AL=Copper Primary with Aluminum Secondary
***K-Rating per IEEE-C57.110. The high K-factor rating is not the goal of the design, but a consequence of the low current densities used to achieve the high loading efficiency goals.

Contact the factory for the latest options, any questions or clarification.

  • 360º Rotatable IR port – for easy and safe maintenance checks with zero downtime
  • Integrated Cyberhawk™ Metering
    • Express Logger™, SMART™, Cyberhawk TX™, Thermal Sensor
  • SPD  – Surge Protection Device
    • PRO80, PRO120, PRO200, PRO240, PROXX (Custom)
  • Seismic Bracing (OSHPD Certified 2.28g)
  • Lockable Hinge Doors
  • Sprinkler proof
  • Outdoor ventilated
  • Enclosure for outdoor public areas
  • Non-ventilated indoor enclosure
  • Lockable hinged doors
  • Custom color / Painted stainless steel enclosure
  • Lug-kits (Screw-type/Compression-type)
  • Wall-mount kit (up to 75kVA)
  • 50 Hz design
  • Very low inrush
  • Custom Impedance
  • Single, Dual, Triple electrostatic shield
  • Extra-low noise for sensitive environments
  • Routine test report
  • Nonlinear load test with certificate
  • Load profile test, ISO 17025 certified lab test
  • DOE 2016 Test Report

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