Safety & Maintenance Options for PDUs and Transformers

Engineered solutions that improve safety and accessibility


      • Protect your team against arc flash risk
      • Access the full interior of a PDU or transformer for thermal scans without downtime
      • Gain insight into the health of the transformer or PDU from the exterior
      • Prevent damage & costs associated with seismic events


360º Rotatable IR Port™
The 360º Rotatable IR Viewing Port is for use on transformers and PDUs to allow for safer and more thorough closed-enclosure infrared equipment inspections.
  • Reduce the risk of operator induced arc flash by eliminating open enclosure inspections
  • Save time and money with efficient, comprehensive, 360º internal views of an enclosure
  • Enhance equipment reliability by improving efficiency of preventative maintenance inspections
  • Substantially expand the viewing scope of traditional fixed-position inspection windows

360º Rotatable IR Port™ View

Above: An inspector looking through the fixed-position viewing port on the left can only see areas within the forward line of site. Viewing the same equipment through the 360º Rotatable IR Port allows for a thorough 360º viewing range.

Watch the video to learn how a 360º Rotatable IR Viewing Port works


PRO Series SPD™ – Surge Protection Devices

The PRO Series™ SPD  is the most compact, powerful, feature-rich surge protector on the market today.

PRO Series SPD™ Features:

  • State-of-the-art circuitry suited for in-building equipment protection against:
    • low frequency disturbances
    • high frequency noise
    • damaging electrical transients
    • high-energy disturbances
  • Delivers a broad range of high capacity protection
  • Available with a wide range of protection levels, costs, and features
  • Designed for use in a variety of industrial, institutional and commercial applications

PRO Series SPD™ can be integrated into Powersmiths’ transformers and PDUs during manufacturing, saving space and additional infrastructure costs; or can be mounted to panel boards and control systems.

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Seismic Bracing

Seismic bracing requirements are increasing for projects in areas where earthquakes are a risk.

Powersmiths offers selected products with seismic bracing, and OSHPD certified seismic bracing to 2.28g.

Powersmiths’ seismic certified products improve safety and reduce damage risks caused by falling transformers and PDUs during seismic events, as well as ensure that these products continue to function after a seismic event.

Watch our Energy Station PDUs get put to the test of roughly an 8.0 magnitude earthquake.

Energy Station™ 500 Seismic Test

Energy Station™ 50 Seismic Test