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Powersmiths Presents on Energy Resiliency at National ESCO Week – 2020

-Timothy D. Unruh, NAESCO Executive Director, presenting Jean Guay, Powersmiths CEO, at National ESCO Week Webinar A Note from Powersmiths' CEO, Jean Guay: On October 26th, 2020, Powersmiths was given the opportunity to present our Medium Voltage Solutions to Energy Service Companies. I was [...]

Article: “Transforming a Base for Zero Net Energy”

Article: "Transforming a Base for Net Zero Energy " An Article by: Glenn Woodson The Military Engineer, The Energy Issue, Vol.111, No.720, March- April, 2019 Download the Publication Today! By submitting your information, you agree to occasionally receiving company and product information from [...]

Transformers, Verified Energy Savings and Energy Resiliency

In our previous blog post we discussed the state of the energy performance contracting business.  While the demand for energy performance and management solutions from ESCOs has never been greater, the competitive demands on performance contracts has increased as well. We at Powersmiths propose that the transformer [...]

Finding New Ways to Deliver Energy Savings

How do transformers help Energy Performance Contractors deliver verified energy savings?  In this blog, Powersmiths discusses the competitive Energy Performance Contracting environment, and how efficient transformers can give you an edge. For those in the business of Energy Performance Contracting (EPC or ESPC - Energy Savings [...]

Revolutionary Benefits of the 360° Rotatable IR Viewing Port

At Powersmiths, we mean it when we say that we design, manufacture and sell innovative solutions and creative products designed to offer competitive energy savings and reduced safety risks. Sometimes we get to do all of that in one fell swoop. While it may be less than [...]

Benefits of an Effective Building Resource Data Management System

In the modern world, managing your building resource data efficiently is more important than ever. That is why at Powersmiths, we are dedicated to providing user-friendly technology that helps reduce costs and energy waste. Let’s look at just how an effective building resource management system can [...]

The Changing Face of Data Centers

The world is built on data – that’s just a fact. Every major company uses data centers to store, access, and retrieve their most critical data. This increased emphasis on data in the 21st century has driven some dramatic changes in data center design. Today, data centers [...]

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