Powersmiths’ Commitment to Sustainability

Products that Support Sustainability

The foundation of our business is a commitment to developing products that prevent unnecessary energy waste and tools to support on going commissioning of energy conservation measures.  Since 1996, for every transformer that Powersmiths has provided, the equivalent associated CO2 mitigated is that compared to taking 100 cars worth of emissions off of the road.

Powersmiths commitment to providing insight into a building’s power quality and consumption has also evolved with our commitment to support customers sustainability initiatives.  Knowing the importance of metering, monitoring, reporting and educating building occupants of all building resource consumption (water, gas, renewable energies, steam etc.) and the impact one can have on preventing waste, fuelled the development of Powersmiths WOW™.

Environmental Manufacturing & Facility Initiatives

Powersmiths manufacturing plant is certified ISO14001 for Environmental Management.

Sustainable manufacturing initiatives include include:

  • “Lean and Green” shipping skids that use 70% less wood and use only FSC certified wood
  • Reducing the amount of harmful volatile organic compounds with low VOC paint
  • Biodegradable shrink wrap

Powersmiths has two convenient electric car charging stations located by the Plant entrance for employees to use.  In turn, his initiative has prompted more and more employees to switch to clean powered electric vehicles.

Powersmiths is a supporter of Ontario’s renewable energy initiatives, and is part of the Feed-in Terif program, hosting Solar Panels on the roofs of all of our facilities.

Contributing Positively Today,

for Tomorrow’s Generations

Contributions to Community & Social Sustainability

Powersmiths supports a diverse multi-cultural workplace and provides every employee with extensive training, rigorous health and safety programs and comprehensive health benefits. Advancements in training, energy efficiency, conservation and small footprint products, combined with the need to support sustainable technology, drive the extraordinary commitment of our team.

Generosity during food drives, charities and on-going participation in environmental and community programs, represents the Powersmiths team’s commitment to giving back and creating a more sustainable future.

Sustainability Allies