Innovative Design & Engineering

Powersmiths International Corp. and Integrated Solutions Division encompass a group of highly skilled, passionate and talented engineers.  From M&V solutions to complex power distribution designs, Powersmiths takes pride in the abilities, and the quality of products produced.

Thanks to the level of aptitude, the ability to think beyond typical barriers, and develop customer centric solutions, Powersmiths has broken through energy efficiency standards, delivered energy savings to customers, found innovative application solutions for metering and most recently Powersmiths’ Integrated Solutions division has gained increased traction in providing specialized power distribution solutions to the Data Center/IT Infrastructure, Government, Education, Medical, Commercial and Military markets.

History of Leadership & Innovation

Since its founding in 1996, Powersmiths has led the market in manufacturing electrical distribution products that improve the efficiency, quality, and reliability of power in non-residential buildings.

Milestones and recognitions along the way include:

• Manufactured the first transformers allowed to carry the Energy Star and Ecologo
• Recognized finalist of the NRC’s Energy Efficiency Award (2000)
• Rebuild America Department of Energy Allied Partner (2005)
• Finalist in the Uptime Institute’s Green IT Award (2009)
• Cited as a “Resource for Energy Efficiency” in Intel’s publication; Energy Efficiency for Information Technology (2009)
• Referenced by Cisco in their publication Green IT (2009)
• CSA International qualifies Powersmiths testing facility’s Energy Verification Procedures based on ISO 17025:2005 (2011)