Modular UPS from 25 to 100 + 25 kW – UL

High availability for your business, cost-effective protection and flexible response to unpredictable demands.

The MODULYS GP is an innovative modular UPS solution for protecting critical applications. Use this system to protect critical enterprise servers, storage systems, networking equipment, telecommunications systems, diagnostic/medical devices and more.

Key features of the MODULYS GP – Modular UPS:

  • Energy Efficient
  • Optimized $/kW ratio
  • Seismic Resistant
  • Reduced Footprint with Vertical Modularity
  • Flexible, Scalable and Adaptable Design
  • Standardized rack system and modules covering a wide range of power and back-up times
  • Hot Swappable Modules
  • Network connectivity for integrating power system, physically or virtually
  • Redundant Design
  • Easy to install with Automatic, self- configuration power modules
MODULYS GP - Innovative Solution

Fully Modular System:

  • Hot Swappable, self setting power module
  • Hot Swappable Safe plug-in & acid proof battery module
  • Hot Swappable safe plug-in bypass module

Redundant Design:

  • N+1, N+2 redundancy level
  • No centralized parallel control
  • Designed for no single point failure

‘Forever Young’ Concept:

  • Based on a set of modules + electronic-free cabinet
  • Eliminates end-of-life criticality
  • Module compatibility guaranteed for 20 years
  • Allows for the implementation of future module technology

Enhanced Serviceability:

  • Fast and safe maintenance based on hot-swap modules
  • Power module automatic firmware alignment
  • No risk of human error and downtime

Total Downtime Protection:

  • High capacity battery charger (up to 80A)
  • Designed to provide very long backup time
  • Suitable to overcome long outages when a GenSet can not be used