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For over 20 years, Powersmiths has been working closely with industry-leaders in the mission critical and data center infrastructure markets. We have worked closely and created valuable partnerships with our customers, built on a foundation of trust and success.

As our technology and processes evolve, our company grows as well. Our growth over the years has been a direct result of valued input from our customers. Through collaboration with our customers in each project, we have gained an in-depth understanding of the specific power distribution requirements needed to excel in a rapidly evolving industry that is growing to unprecedented power densities and complex infrastructures. Our teams of engineers have been able to work together to develop innovative solutions that improve safety, efficiency, reliability, reduce downtime and cut unnecessary infrastructure costs.

Powersmiths carefully assesses each project and application with an in-depth engineering review. This enables our team of industry professionals to get a real-world understanding of the unique requirements and then deliver the most appropriate mix of product configurations and solutions for the application and desired project outcome. Our customers value Powersmiths’ high-quality engineering, manufacturing, and professional services that result in products and solutions with exceptional lifecycle value and that deliver successful results.


Powersmiths’ data center and mission critical customers are provided with some of the most configurable and innovative technologies on the market today. Powersmiths offers highly-configurable power distribution units: Energy Station™ (PDUs) and remote power panels (RPPs), energy efficient OPAL™ transformers, advanced Cyberhawk™ metering and, specially engineered, integrated products.  These products and solutions are engineered and designed to deliver optimal results for even the most complex applications

Our top product and solutions have been developed as are a direct result of working closely with our customers, combining the utilization of their feedback and our experience to engineer and develop high value products.  The products have an exceptional lifecycle value, unique customer-centric configurations, flexible options and an attractive ROI.

Powersmiths direct customer feedback loop has enabled us to identify the need to address the electrical system as a whole, and to provide solutions that meet goals such as managing impedance, arc flash, fault level, inrush currents, harmonics, and more.

Powersmiths’ specialized solutions are also designed to meet a wide variety of requirements like: higher capacities, multi-voltage outputs, smaller footprints, branch circuit monitoring, reduced maintenance risks, and more.

Our customers can experience benefits from lower overall cost, and improved power quality, to more convenient and safer preventative maintenance. To learn more about how our Energy Station™ solutions can benefit your mission critical and data center projects, contact us today.

 OPAL™ Designed  Specialized Engineering  Smaller Footprints
♦ Higher Capacity ♦ Multi Voltage Outputs  Branch Circuit Monitoring

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  • IT/Cloud Providers
  • Medical
  • Colocation
  • Mission Critical
  • Military
  • Commercial
  • Aerospace & Aviation
  • Energy Sector

Customers from a wide variety of markets benefit from Powersmiths’ solutions, best practices, and products everyday.  Our solutions are extremely adaptable and configurable, allowing them to meet the various needs of our customers and each unique project. After over 20 years of success, we’re confident that with our approach to engineering and professional support services, we can bring maximum results and unique solutions to your organization’s challenging power distribution projects.

Some of the markets we serve include: Mission critical, IT/Cloud providers, medical, colocation, military, commercial, aerospace, aviation, and energy sector.

Our customers from education and healthcare campuses, to mission critical IT and military data centers can benefit from our line-up of innovative Energy Station™ PDUs, RPPs and E-Saver OPAL™ Transformers.  Our leading technology of highly-configurable power distribution units (PDUs), remote power panels (RPPs), and low-voltage transformers have improved safety, lower risk maintenance features and leading energy efficiency.  These products provide exceptional lifecycle value and are designed to be highly configurable for a wide variety of applications.


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A modern data centers’ electrical distribution system require a design strategy with an advanced systems approach. Unlike traditional systems, newer systems require expertise at the micro-electrical engineering level along with innovative technology to resolve many potential issues. Some of the items that should be considered are issues with inrush currents, system impedances and short circuit currents. If these items are unmanaged, they could subsequently lead to unnecessary downtime, failures and arc flash risks.

These issues and their potential harmful effects can be avoided with the right skills and expertise guiding your power distribution designs. Redundant issues like downtime, unnecessary costs, safety risks and loss of revenue can be troublesome for companies, which is why it’s best to have expert help available. At Powersmiths, our advanced line-up of highly configurable and flexible Energy Station™ power distribution Units (PDUs), remote power panels (RRP), energy-efficient transformers and specially-engineered integrated product solutions are specifically designed and engineered by our experienced professionals to address some of the industries most complex challenges and to deliver the desired results of your project.

To learn more about how your data center can benefit from Energy Station™ PDUs and RPPs, contact our experts at Powersmiths today.


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At the core of every Energy Station™ PDU, is an OPAL™ highly-efficient transformer that has been optimized to deliver maximum energy savings. Our low-voltage dry-type transformers are designed to offer exceptional lifecycle value. Our E-Saver OPAL™ Transformers deliver an outstanding performance and are designed and engineered with guidance from years of customer and application feedback combined with industry-leading technologies.

OPAL™ transformers waste 25-50% less energy than DOE 2016 minimum standard transformers and an average of 80% reduced transformer energy waste when replacing pre-2007/TP-1 transformers.

OPAL™ transformers are used as stand-alone units or in Energy Station™ PDUs in various types of buildings.  Our wide selection of transformer configurations and sizes are ideal for power distribution applications, from plug loads for computers, lighting and personal electronic equipment and applications that require power distribution for heavier equipment like elevators, medical MRI equipment, to even higher loads with high reliability and power quality requirements like mission critical and high power density data centers.

Our Energy Station TX™ Power Distribution Unit is a high performing OPAL™ Series Transformer with configurable integrated breaker and metering options. Some of the key highlights of this product include lower infrastructure costs, reduced space requirements, reliable power quality, zero downtime maintenance features, reduced arc flash risks, and rapid deployment.

Our OPAL™ low-voltage transformer is a low-cost alternative to the Energy Station™ power distribution units (PDUs). This low-voltage transformer is offered up to 1200 kVA, is most commonly used in environments with overhead busway connectivity, and is efficiency optimized for high-load profiles of data centers and mission critical applications.



Powersmiths strives to develop innovative customer-centric solutions. As data center and mission critical infrastructures evolve with increased capacity and lower operating cost requirements, Powersmiths continues to respond with high-value, innovative and highly-configurable solutions. Our experts support the requirements of each challenging applications by delivering advanced power distribution, metering and integrated product solutions with and exceptional lifecycle value.

The development of our products and services has been driven by our proprietary OPAL™ design best practice. Through this technique, we have applied feedback gained by attentively listening to feedback from each customer’s project and then improving our products and services to better cater to our customer’s advanced mission critical and data center applications. We ensure that each customer receives products and solutions that offer the highest quality, reliability, safety, and efficiency.

Our professional engineering services along with our innovative product features, options and configurations enable us to satisfy 95% of our customers needs. Our highly-skilled engineering team is committed to the success of even your most complex data center and mission critical power distribution projects.

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