The OPAL™ Best Practice

OPAL™ – Optimized Performance for the Application Load

The Powersmiths’ design best practice OPAL™ (Optimized Performance for the Application Load), maximizes transformer energy savings potential, delivering up to 80%+ more savings than existing pre 2007/TP1 transformers retrofit projects and 25-50% more savings than the new U.S. Department of Energy law (DOE 2016) on New Construction projects.

Recognizing that the transformer has much more impact in an electrical system than just efficiency, OPAL considers the system as a whole, including goals like managing impedance, arc flash, fault level, inrush, harmonics, and more.  OPAL is a direct result of and made possible by the tight feedback loop between design, onsite manufacturing, and extensive ongoing real-world operating performance verification.

The result is more savings for the same dollar.