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Powersmiths - OPAL™-R Series Transformers

Powersmiths’ Before (left) and After (right) images of a transformer retrofit for a Higher Education application.


Waiting to replace old and inefficient transformers could be costing you money. Most often, older technology isn’t equipped with the energy-saving components that modern technology utilizes. By replacing older, inefficient transformers with new, class-leading energy efficient transformers – your organization could save millions of dollars in wasted electricity charges.

Our innovative, energy-saving low-voltage power distribution transformers deliver an exceptional lifecycle value. Our Energy Savings Performance Contract partners can expect to save an average of 80% of transformer energy waste with verified energy savings, when replacing existing transformers (pre-2007/TP1) with Powersmiths’ OPAL-R™ Series transformers.

OPAL-R™, is a series of highly-efficient energy transformers that we have packaged with a host of professional services that have defined our Retrofit Best Practices. This OPAL-R™ product series and the Retrofit Best Practices have been specifically combined for our Energy Savings Performance Contract retrofit partners.

The OPAL-R™ transformers have been optimized for the application load profile, maximizing energy savings and offer innovative configurations to meet existing infrastructure requirements. Our transformers deliver an excellent lifecycle value, with energy savings over the full term of its 32-year pro-rated product warranty.

Our retrofit best practices provide Energy Savings Performance Contract partners with extensive professional support, including but not limited to, obtaining detail audits and baseline measurements, calculating the retrofit energy savings potential and post-install performance verification. We find that these components of our Retrofit Best Practice provide our customers with a smoother installation process.

Transformers are a key component of a building’s electrical infrastructure, and such a vital element should always be made a top priority. Utilizing some of the most energy-efficient technologies available to the market today, helps to conserve a significant amount of energy that is wasted unnecessarily, and in-turn re-allocating funds and conserving our natural resources for years to come. Learn how you can boost your energy conservation measures with our innovative solutions. Request an energy savings payback (ESP) estimate today to get started.


Powersmiths’ customers can feel confident knowing that our experts will tend to every last detail. We support the Utility Energy Services Contract (UESC) and Energy Savings Performance Contract (ESPC) throughout all energy performance contracting retrofit projects. Our best practices are utilized throughout each retrofit project. They include a preliminary assessment, detailed audits, baseline metering, application-based development, flexible manufacturing, and post-installation performance verification (ISO 17025 Certified Test Lab).

Powersmiths works closely with organizations to outline the process for each step of the best practices. Our experts ensure that the solutions they receive is of the highest quality. It’s our top priority to deliver outstanding results for each retrofit project, from providing support to help facilitate a smooth and efficient retrofit process and taking the time to work with customers, to finding fast and effective solutions for any issues that arise.  We also provide pre and post-install M&V services to verify product performance and project success. To learn more about our best practices, contact us today.

  • Preliminary Assessment
  • Detailed Audits
  • Baseline Metering
  • Customized Development
  • Customized Manufacturing
  • Post-Install Performance Verification in an ISO 17025 Certified Test Lab
Powersmiths - Retrofit Best Practices - Infographic - V2.1


  • U.S. Department of Defense
  • U.S. General Service Administration
  • U.S. Veterans Affairs
  • Other Federal (FAA, USDA, FDA, NASA, BOP)
  • State Government
  • Local Government
  • Higher Education
  • K-12
  • Commercial
  • Healthcare

With each day, energy-saving technology is becoming more advanced. We’re determined to create a brighter, more efficient future by making this innovative technology available to a wider variety of industries. We provide opportunities for healthcare, colleges, airports, arenas, and federal facilities, to save energy, among many others. By implementing energy conservation measures, our retrofit partners can expect to save an average of 80% of transformer energy waste. That could mean millions of dollars in energy savings, for years to come.

Some of the industries we currently cater to for retrofit applications include: U.S Department of Defense, U.S General Service Administration, U.S Veterans Affairs, state government, local government, higher education, K-12 educational facilities, commercial, and healthcare. We also serve Federal departments, like the FAA, USDA, FDA, NASA, and BOP. With each day, our list continues to grow even larger and become even more diverse.

For over 20 years, Powersmiths has been an industry-leader with energy efficient power distribution technology and metering innovations. Over the last decade specifically, Powersmiths has effectively measured low-voltage transformer load profiles and losses for thousands and thousands of transformers that have been retrofitted. These transformers exist in a wide-variety of applications, from K-12 schools and college campuses, to hospitals and military bases. Even mission critical, high-tech data centers and courthouses can benefit from our energy saving solutions. Data collected from these applications have contributed to our best practices and products, ultimately enhancing Powersmiths’ product designs and services, and gaining more energy savings and project support for our customers.

Industry partners and clients can feel confident in the solutions Powersmiths provides. Our high-efficiency power transformers and advanced metering products are designed and engineered with some of the highest performing technology available to the market.


2 transformers basic unit and options unit

The future of energy-efficient technology is here. We’re committed to offering products that utilize energy-saving technology advancements, ultimately offering clients and industry partners a variety of innovative energy-efficient solutions to choose from. Our OPAL-R™ Series energy-efficient transformers offer verified energy savings to Energy Savings Performance Contract partners. These ultra-efficient, dry-low-voltage, type transformers have been optimized to maximize energy savings and provide a quick payback. Our highly-efficient power transformers are adaptable to many retrofit applications and have been shown to have an 80% reduction in energy losses for retrofit projects, after upgrading from older technology.


Powersmiths offers end-to-end application-based submetering, data collection and building resource data management and reporting solutions. Explore the benefits of our innovative products that support organizational energy-efficiency and sustainability goals:

  • Manage building resources, systems and subsystems
  • Improve accessibility Building Data Informationto building data
  • Build customized building performance reports
  • Support ongoing meter-based commissioning of new Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs)
  • Educate various building stakeholders of new ECMs and sustainability initiatives
  • Support Tenant Billing and reporting
  • And more
Learn more about Powersmiths Submeters and Data Integration Solutions

Our application-based, end-to-end solutions can help organizations to better manage their building resources, systems, and subsystems, while improving accessibility to building data and creating customized building performance reports. End-users can benefit from ongoing meter-based commissioning of new Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) and real-time educational displays of ECMs and sustainability initiatives.

Cyberhawk™ meters offer rapid-installation, with a host of installation services that include pre-install infrastructure assessment, planning and onsite meter commissioning.

Powersmiths WOW™ is turn-key and offers end-user support services, including: system training, setting-up configurations and auto-fill charts for tenant billing goals and other customized reporting requirements. Contact us to learn more about Powersmiths’ submeters and data integration solutions today.

OPAL™: Optimized Performance for the Application Load

Powersmiths’ experience combined with direct feedback from our customers is what has guided the proprietary and innovative design best practice called OPAL™ and is the basis of the engineering and development of all Powersmiths’ products and solutions.

What does OPAL™ mean for retrofits?

Upgrading transformers, a key component of a building’s electrical infrastructure, is critical aspect of maintaining and improving its performance, and there are many items to consider before a transformer is replaced.  Many transformer retrofits are oversimplified and only match-up the capacity and input/output voltages, with the sole goal of achieving minimal standard energy-efficiency requirements.  By doing this, not only are organizations missing-out on maximum energy savings, but there are also electrical features of a transformer that need to be considered that affect much more than just efficiency.

Design characteristics of a transformer can affect fault, arc flash levels, and inrush – which can all have a major negative impact on the health and reliability of the electrical system within the application. Finding the right transformer and configurations for a retrofit project is the key to long-lasting, high-quality results.

Products like OPAL-R™ series transformers ensure compatibility with various applications by considering the system as a whole. This includes considering goals such as managing impedance, arc flash, fault level, inrush currents, harmonics, and more. The configurable product designs and flexible manufacturing process enable Powersmiths to deliver solutions for a wide-variety of applications and site conditions that transformer retrofit projects encounter. Despite the challenges and obstacles, these high-efficiency power transformers continue to deliver high-quality results in retrofit applications.

Powersmiths provides customers with technology that addresses the complex requirements of today’s low-voltage distribution applications, but customers can also benefit from professional services that come with years of experience dealing with unique and intricate retrofit challenges. Each retrofit project may have its own set of obstacles, which our team of industry experts are ready and prepared to handle. From electrical connections and transformer footprints, to transformer clearances and other installation constraints, our experts are fully equipped in a variety of applications to facilitate a successful project outcome.


Our products are fully-equipped with innovative technology with exceptional lifecycle value. This technology is catered toward energy conservation, while still offering outstanding power quality, and a standard 32-year pro-rated product warranty.

An older electrical distribution system, utilizing older technology, consistently wastes unnecessary energy and costs more, on a long-term basis, than the overall cost of upgrading the system. OPAL™-R energy-efficient transformers deliver a project average of 80% reduction in transformer energy waste costs, and an attractive return on investment. That could mean millions of dollars saved over the lifetime of a Powersmiths transformer retrofit project.

The wasted energy is an ongoing process, happening every hour of every day. Depending on the lifecycle of the system, this could be anywhere from 25 to 40 years. Making an investment in a high-quality OPAL™-R energy-efficient transformer will end up saving a considerable amount of energy and cost savings over the product’s 32-year warrantied performance lifecycle. . Speak with one of our experts today about how you could be saving with Powersmiths’ energy-efficient technology.


Powersmiths is an industry-leader for energy-efficient technology and high-performance electrical systems. The extensive Measurement & Verification (M&V) program is uniquely available to measure the energy savings potential before the retrofit, and then verify the electricity savings obtained from a Powersmiths transformers replacement afterwards. This program has been developed specifically for our ESPC, Utility, and Commercial Retrofit Partners. Our energy-efficient transformers have been shown to save an average of 80% of transformer energy waste when replacing older transformers (pre-2007/TP1).

Our Retrofit Best Practice process ensures a smooth retrofit project and verified maximum savings for our customers and industry partners. Some of these processes include:

  • Existing and baseline real-world load on-site measurements
  • Savings comparisons
  • Flexible configuration recommendations
  • Accurate measurements
  • Certified lab testing

Customers can feel confident with Powersmiths. Our engineers utilize years of experience and innovative technology to provide clients with maximum results. To learn more about your building’s energy savings potential, request an Energy Savings Payback (ESP) estimate today.

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