Energy Station SM™

Our most versatile PDU optimized for safe maintainability

The Powersmiths Energy Station SM™ is a highly configurable, UL Listed, modular PDU, specifically engineered to provide leading performance and configurability in a compact footprint, while embedding next-level, safe maintainability features and industry leading efficiency.

Key features of the Energy Station SM™:
  • Size Range/Rating: 50-1350kVA
  • The most configurable PDU on the market
  • Class-leading, efficient OPAL™ transformers with an attractive ROI
  • Field-expandable, Sub-feed Breaker Options
  • Isolated Cold Tap Option
  • Supports unique system requirements
  • Fitted to space requirements
  • High density options
  • Zero downtime equipment inspections
  • Enhanced safety features such as compartmentalized breakers that isolate service technicians from high energy, main power
  • Zero downtime equipment inspections
  • Reduced arc flash risk
  • Seismic certified
  • Integrated web-accessible Cyberhawk™ metering options
ModelDescriptionBusway ApplicationsTraditional Applications
VERSAVERSAOne size does not fit all.  Our most versatile unit supports extensive configurability to meet unique system requirements and maximize effectiveness.YesYes
TXEnergy Station TX - Installed- CroppedTransformer with integrated breakers supports an even greater overall reduced footprint and simplified deployment closer to the load.YesYes Plus RPP
LMEnergy Station LM - Lineup and Match All the benefits of a Powersmiths’ solution made to match a server cabinet look, for sleek in-row styling that brings symmetry and visual balance to row.YesYes Plus RPP
MVOEnergy Station MVO - Multi VoltageOne unit doing the work of many.  Dual and triple voltage outputs allow 480/277V, 415/240V and 208/120V to simultaneously coexist.  Also enables incremental migration for future expansion/upgrade.YesYes
HIDEnergy Station HID - Mid-Row High Density Geared towards retrofit applications that require greater power densities than existing units can provide.  HID supports front and rear distribution for deployment in mid-row.YesYes

Compare Configuration Options for each Energy Station™ PDU Model

All PDUs come standard with OPAL™ Series transformers: Optimized efficiency for the application, with managed inrush currents.

Energy Station™ Configuration OptionsVERSALMMVOHIDTX
Size Range/Rating50-1000kVA75-375kVA50-1000kVA300-1000kVA50-1500kVA
Engineered Impedance and Short Circuit Currentstiny checkmarktiny checkmarktiny checkmarktiny checkmarktiny checkmark
Input: Dual Source, Kirk Key, Maintenance Bypass, etc.tiny checkmarkn/atiny checkmarktiny checkmarkn/a
Multi Voltages: 208/120V, 415/240V, 480/277Vtiny checkmarkn/atiny checkmarkn/an/a
Dual Voltage Outputs: Voltage migration 208-415V (Future Proofing)tiny checkmarkn/atiny checkmarktiny checkmarktiny checkmark
Panel Boardstiny checkmarkn/atiny checkmarktiny checkmarkn/a
Sub-feed Breakers100-1200A250A & 400A100-1200A100-1200A250-1600A
Sub-feed Plug-in Breakers100-400An/a100-400A100-400An/a
Direct Busway Distributiontiny checkmarktiny checkmarktiny checkmarktiny checkmarktiny checkmark
Distribution to In-rack PDUs, Direct to Serverstiny checkmarkn/atiny checkmarktiny checkmarkn/a
Monitoring: Main Input/Outputtiny checkmarktiny checkmarktiny checkmarktiny checkmarktiny checkmark
Monitoring: Sub-feed, Panel Boardstiny checkmarktiny checkmarktiny checkmarktiny checkmarkn/a
Protocols: Modbus TCP, BACnet/IP, http webpagestiny checkmarktiny checkmarktiny checkmarktiny checkmarktiny checkmark
SPD – Surge Protection Devicestiny checkmarktiny checkmarktiny checkmarktiny checkmarktiny checkmark
360º Rotatable IR Port™ with Meter Connectionstiny checkmarktiny checkmarktiny checkmarktiny checkmarktiny checkmark
Fixed IR Ports per Breaker Terminaltiny checkmarkn/atiny checkmarktiny checkmarktiny checkmark
Arc Flash Exposure Mitigation: Compartmentalizationtiny checkmarkn/atiny checkmarktiny checkmarktiny checkmark
True Front-Only Accesstiny checkmarkFront & Reartiny checkmarkFront & Reartiny checkmark
High Density: Front/Reartiny checkmarkn/atiny checkmarktiny checkmarkn/a
Application Specific Engineeringtiny checkmarktiny checkmarktiny checkmarktiny checkmarktiny checkmark
OSHPD & IBC Seismic Certified (Live Shake Table Test)tiny checkmarkn/atiny checkmarktiny checkmarkn/a
Environment: Indoor/Outdoortiny checkmarkn/atiny checkmarkn/atiny checkmark
Low Friction Positioning Rollerstiny checkmarktiny checkmarktiny checkmarktiny checkmarkn/a
Lifting Eyes for Overhead Cranetiny checkmarkn/atiny checkmarktiny checkmarkn/a
Supports for Pallet Truck Handling from Receiving to Installationtiny checkmarktiny checkmarktiny checkmarktiny checkmarktiny checkmark

tiny checkmark= Option applies to model        n/a= Option not applicable for model

Contact the factory for the latest options, any questions or clarification.