Powersmiths International Corp.

Powersmiths International Corp. is part of the Socomec Group, which includes Socomec USA. Powersmiths began operations in 1996 and provides products and services that deliver energy and cost savings opportunities to customers.

Powersmiths engineers and manufactures high efficiency transformers, engineered and configurable power distribution units, power switching systems, energy storage systems, and building information systems.

Powersmiths’ best practices and history of product innovation are fuelled by a desire to help organizations reduce energy waste, monitor and manage building resources, improve resiliency, and a passion to provide innovative configurations and solutions through our integrated products.

Powersmiths’ customers include, but are not limited to, Universities/Colleges, K-12 Schools, Military, Aerospace, U.S. Federal Agencies, State, Local and Municipal Governments, Healthcare, Mission Critical and IT Data Centers, Broadcast & Telecom, Logistics, Shipping and Receiving and other Commercial & Industrial Organizations.

Our team of highly skilled professionals and application engineers have been serving the market for over 20 years and ensure that what Powersmiths delivers are the highest quality engineered products and solutions.

Powersmiths is committed to building a sustainable future by supplying products and services that help our customers:

  • Support sustainable building designs: LEED®, Net Zero, High Performance Buildings
  • Improve energy efficiency in existing buildings by supporting the ESPC and UESC process for energy retrofits and deep energy retrofits
  • Reduce Costs
  • Reduce unnecessary electricity waste
  • Improve reliability
  • Reduce maintenance downtime
  • Improve maintenance safety
  • Support organizational sustainability initiatives
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Efficiently manage building resource information

Powersmiths Brands & Product Lines
  • E-Saver OPAL™ Transformers – High Efficiency Low-voltage Dry-type Transformers
  • Energy Station™ PDUs – Engineered and Highly Configurable Powersmiths Distribution Units
  • Energy Station™ RPP – Remote Power Panels
  • Cyberhawk™ Meters – Low-cost, Application-Based, Non-Residential Submetering Solutions
  • Powersmiths WOW™, Powersmiths BIS – Building Resource Management System, Building information System
  • STATYS PS™ – Static Transfer Switching System
  • Energy Station™ RTS – Ride Through System
  • SUNSYS L™, XL™ – Energy Storage System