Energy Station TX™

Energy Efficient Transformers with Integrated Breakers

The Energy Station TX™ is designed for applications like data centers where integrated power distribution provides the best solution for system integration. This unit has options to integrate a mix of primary and secondary breakers, on the sides or top of the transformer, providing a compact and cost-effective strategy for concentrated high-density power distribution, and all in one UL Listed unit.

Key features of the Energy Station TX™:
  • Size Range/Rating: 50-1350kVA
  • Rapid deployment
  • Low-cost alternative to a PDU
  • Class-leading, efficient OPAL™ transformers with attractive ROI
  • Multiple breaker configurations
  • Smaller space requirement
  • Zero downtime equipment inspections
  • Reduced arc flash risk
  • True front-only access
  • Integrated web-accessible Cyberhawk™ metering options
Integrated metering can provide information about capacity utilization, load profiles, power quality and energy use.
The lockable hinged door and our patented 360º Rotatable IR Port™ options, both provide quicker maintenance access and reduce arc flash safety risks.
ModelDescriptionBusway ApplicationsTraditional Applications
VERSAVERSAOne size does not fit all.  Our most versatile unit supports extensive configurability to meet unique system requirements and maximize effectiveness.YesYes
TXEnergy Station TX - Installed- CroppedTransformer with integrated breakers supports an even greater overall reduced footprint and simplified deployment closer to the load.YesYes Plus RPP
LMEnergy Station LM - Lineup and Match All the benefits of a Powersmiths’ solution made to match a server cabinet look, for sleek in-row styling that brings symmetry and visual balance to row.YesYes Plus RPP
MVOEnergy Station MVO - Multi VoltageOne unit doing the work of many.  Dual and triple voltage outputs allow 480/277V, 415/240V and 208/120V to simultaneously coexist.  Also enables incremental migration for future expansion/upgrade.YesYes
HIDEnergy Station HID - Mid-Row High Density Geared towards retrofit applications requiring greater power densities than existing units can provide.  HID supports front and rear distribution for deployment in mid-row.YesYes

Compare Configuration Options for each Energy Station™ PDU Model

All PDUs come standard with OPAL™ Series transformers: Optimized efficiency for the application, with managed inrush currents.

Energy Station™ Configuration OptionsVERSALMMVOHIDTX
Size Range/Rating50-1000kVA75-375kVA50-1000kVA300-1000kVA50-1500kVA
Engineered Impedance and Short Circuit Currentstiny checkmarktiny checkmarktiny checkmarktiny checkmarktiny checkmark
Input: Dual Source, Kirk Key, Maintenance Bypass, etc.tiny checkmarkn/atiny checkmarktiny checkmarkn/a
Multi Voltages: 208/120V, 415/240V, 480/277Vtiny checkmarkn/atiny checkmarkn/an/a
Dual Voltage Outputs: Voltage migration 208-415V (Future Proofing)tiny checkmarkn/atiny checkmarktiny checkmarktiny checkmark
Panel Boardstiny checkmarkn/atiny checkmarktiny checkmarkn/a
Sub-feed Breakers100-1200A250A & 400A100-1200A100-1200A250-1600A
Sub-feed Plug-in Breakers100-400An/a100-400A100-400An/a
Direct Busway Distributiontiny checkmarktiny checkmarktiny checkmarktiny checkmarktiny checkmark
Distribution to In-rack PDUs, Direct to Serverstiny checkmarkn/atiny checkmarktiny checkmarkn/a
Monitoring: Main Input/Outputtiny checkmarktiny checkmarktiny checkmarktiny checkmarktiny checkmark
Monitoring: Sub-feed, Panel Boardstiny checkmarktiny checkmarktiny checkmarktiny checkmarkn/a
Protocols: Modbus TCP, BACnet/IP, http webpagestiny checkmarktiny checkmarktiny checkmarktiny checkmarktiny checkmark
SPD – Surge Protection Devicestiny checkmarktiny checkmarktiny checkmarktiny checkmarktiny checkmark
360º Rotatable IR Port™ with Meter Connectionstiny checkmarktiny checkmarktiny checkmarktiny checkmarktiny checkmark
Fixed IR Ports per Breaker Terminaltiny checkmarkn/atiny checkmarktiny checkmarktiny checkmark
Arc Flash Exposure Mitigation: Compartmentalizationtiny checkmarkn/atiny checkmarktiny checkmarktiny checkmark
True Front-Only Accesstiny checkmarkFront & Reartiny checkmarkFront & Reartiny checkmark
High Density: Front/Reartiny checkmarkn/atiny checkmarktiny checkmarkn/a
Application Specific Engineeringtiny checkmarktiny checkmarktiny checkmarktiny checkmarktiny checkmark
OSHPD & IBC Seismic Certified (Live Shake Table Test)tiny checkmarkn/atiny checkmarktiny checkmarkn/a
Environment: Indoor/Outdoortiny checkmarkn/atiny checkmarkn/atiny checkmark
Low Friction Positioning Rollerstiny checkmarktiny checkmarktiny checkmarktiny checkmarkn/a
Lifting Eyes for Overhead Cranetiny checkmarkn/atiny checkmarktiny checkmarkn/a
Supports for Pallet Truck Handling from Receiving to Installationtiny checkmarktiny checkmarktiny checkmarktiny checkmarktiny checkmark

tiny checkmark= Option applies to model        n/a= Option not applicable for model

Contact the factory for the latest options, any questions or clarification.