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Transformers are part of every electrical system, and operating cost is embedded for decades, wasting electricity every minute of every day. Retrofitting transformers provides an opportunity to significantly reduce transformer energy waste, pro-actively avoid failure due to age, and improve power quality to connected equipment.

ESCO, Utility and Commercial Energy Retrofits

Powersmiths partners with Energy Services Companies to provide high efficiency transformers that meet return on investment and pay back requirements. Powersmiths can perform a walk-through of your project’s facility, locate and assess the condition of the transformers, and perform accurate loading and efficiency measurements to determine the opportunity for savings. Contact us for further information.


Powersmiths supplies transformer Core & Coils for OEM integration, delivering the the same benefits of a Powersmiths’ low-voltage dry-type transformer, including class-leading efficiency, energy savings and harmonic mitigation.

Metering, Sensor and Data Integration Partnerships

Powersmiths partners with companies to provide end-to-end submetering, data integration and reporting solutions to their customers.  Powersmiths offers integrated SMART™ Meters, revenue-grade submeters & loggers, integrated building data and resource management system and sustainability education outreach dashboards. Our application engineers ensure the customer’s goals and objectives are met while reducing extra infrastructure costs.