Energy Station™ RPP

Free-standing, Assembled Remote Power Panels (RPP)

The Energy Station™ RPP is a Remote Power Panel designed to provide localized branch circuit distribution loads in data centers, in a compact 24” x 24” (1-tile) package or 24” x 12”, for against-the-wall installation. The source of power is typically a sub-feed breaker originating in a PDU or main distribution panel.

Our modular approach enables a high degree of tailoring the product configuration for each application, on a standardized UL Listed platform, with the cost & delivery advantages associated with a standard product.

  • Minimal space is required
  • Minimum wiring is required as it can be installed close to loads
  • Used down stream of our Energy Station™ PDUs to supply cleaner power to the loads
  • Critical Loads with dual outputs can easily be fed from a Remote Load Center
  • Full Web-server offers a variety of live, direct-access monitoring levels for your specific applications
  • The standard grills and optional IR Ports provide for safe IR scans for effective preventative maintenance without exposing the field tech to arc flash risks.
  • Removable hinged panel trims for easy wiring and service maintenance
  • Dust-proof NEMA 12 enclosure
  • UL Listed