Powersmiths’ Facilities

Powersmiths Power Solutions and Powersmiths Integrated Solutions facilities house multiple highly skilled R&D, design and manufacturing sectors that provide certified high quality and highest efficiency low voltage power distribution and revenue grade metering products for a full scale of applications.
From new construction to supporting energy performance contracts, and from one single municipal or healthcare building to large scale commercial and mission critical data centres, Powersmiths provides power distribution and metering solutions that deliver savings, reduce safety risks, improve maintenance efficiency and are application designed to reduce additional infrastructure costs.
Powersmiths Solutions was founded in 1996, and currently delivers the highest efficiency transformers,  the most versatile PDU solutions, and application based sub metering and resource management software.

As demand for Powersmiths products grows, quality is at the forefront of every design and order, from R&D for custom solutions to manufacturing and installation.  Powersmiths stands proud and confident by the innovative products, solutions, professional services, business partnerships and savings we deliver.

Certified Quality and Environmental Management

By taking a quality-centric approach to operational procedures, Powersmiths is able to consistently provide products and services that meet and exceed customer expectations. Effective governance of fundamentals, such as terminology, performance improvement metrics, documentation of processes, training practices, and financial management are a few of the areas that have allowed Powersmiths to earn the renowned ISO 9001 certification.

In addition to its ISO 9001 certification, Powersmiths extends its quality-centric approach to the performance of its products. Through meticulous and methodical testing by highly skillful and proficient staff, Powersmiths’ testing procedures are validated by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) to produce traceable and reliable results.

A “lean and green” strategy guides Powersmiths operations and services. Initiatives such as increasing transformer efficiency, use of FSC wood and biodegradable product packaging and the reduction of harmful volatile organic compounds in production processes, are just a few examples of the extent to which Powersmiths takes its values seriously. Through its commitment to these efforts Powersmiths has earned the prestigious ISO 14001 certification.