Engineered PDU Solutions for Specialty Applications

Our highly skilled design and engineering team works with you to develop the best solution for the application

In addition to the extensive configurability of our current line of PDUs, Powersmiths understands that one solution never really fits all.  Powersmiths’ specialty engineered PDU configurations offer unique solutions with the highest product quality and customer satisfaction. 

We solve 95% of the markets needs with our extensive list of configurations, and where that is not possible, we work with your team to discuss and design new innovative solutions to best suit the application requirements.

Powersmiths’ Integrated Solutions™ division delivers unique PDU configurations and modular designs with:

  • Class-leading efficiency and an Attractive ROI
  • Lower Cost (from a systems perspective)
  • Fitted to Space Requirements
  • Weather-proof Outdoor Designs
  • Less Downtime
  • Less Arch Flash Risk
  • Certified Seismic
  • And More…

Powersmiths delivers highest quality products and services to a wide variety of customers, including IT, mission critical, commercial and specialty applications.

Powersmiths’ Integrated Solutions™ division newly expanded facility houses an ever evolving product line of ‘build-your-own’ PDUs.