OPAL™ Series Transformers Deliver Even More Energy Savings

OPAL™ – Optimized Performance for the Application Load low-voltage dry-type transformers deliver maximum energy savings based on the application load profile.  

Unlike other brands, OPAL™ Series transformers prevent energy waste well beyond the minimum standard transformer (DOE 2016), resulting in the highest efficiency power distribution with the lowest lifecycle cost and, as a result, are suitable for LEED®, Net Zero, and sustainably designed buildings. 

Why Choose OPAL™ Series Transformers?
      • 25-50% Less Energy Waste than DOE 2016
      • 80% Average Less Energy Waste than Pre-2007/TP-1 transformers
      • Lowest Lifecycle Cost
      • Contributes to LEED®, Net Zero and Sustainability Initiatives
      • Leading Harmonic Mitigating Designs
      • Integrated Options like Metering, SPD, 360º Rotatable IR Port and more
      • Reliable Manufacturing with Standard 32-Year Pro-Rated Warranty

Watch the video to learn more about energy efficient transformers

OPAL™ – Optimized Performance for the Application Load

The OPAL™ design best practice considers managing impedance, fault levels, arc flash levels, inrush, harmonics, footprint, internal terminal layout compatibility, and more.

The OPAL™ design’s flexibility is a direct result of the tight feedback loop between design, onsite manufacturing, and extensive ongoing real-world operating performance verification.  The result delivers the most savings per dollar spent.  E-Saver OPAL™ Series transformers are backed by Powersmiths’ continuous high-quality manufacturing and a standard 32-year pro-rated warranty.

*U.S. Department of Energy, 10 CFR Part 431, Subpart K – Distribution Transformers