Improve Your Tenant Billing Experience

True End-to-End Building Information Solutions to Simplify Tenant Billing

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Simplified Tenant Billing

Tenant billing can be a tedious and error prone task, with Powersmiths B.I.S. solutions these processes are automated.

  • Automate and Streamline Existing Tenant Billing Workflows
  • Minimize Errors from Manual Entry
  • Save Time and Frustration Generating Bills
  • Re-Allocate Human Resources from Tedious Data Entry to More Valuable Roles

Fair and Accurate Bills

Count on more accurate billing.  With our robust data management system we work with you to customize reports that deliver only the data that you need.

  • Backed by Revenue Grade Meters and Advanced Communication Devices to Ensure Data Accuracy
  • Customized Data Reporting Delivering Only the Reports That You Need
    • Bill By Tenant Meter, Square Footage, Zones, Divide Shared or Common Use Areas More Fairly
    • Include Peak or Time of Use Demand Charges and more
  • Generate Bills to Show Only the Utilities that Require Invoicing



Expand as You Grow

Add Users and Properties at Anytime

Adjust Utility Bills as Your Rates or Tenants Change

Low Cost

Low Cost of Ownership

Pay for What You Need

Annual Subscription

Designs to Reduce Overall Costs

Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration

Manage All Utility Data from One Platform

Accurately Allocate Water, Gas, Electricity

Deduct Renewable Offsets, and more…

Simplified Workflows

Simplified Workflows

Customized for Your Workflow

Reduce Human Error

Produce Bills in Just a Few Clicks

Powersmiths tenant billing end-to-end solution

True End-to-End Building Information System Solutions

The ill fate of many Building Information Systems, Submetering Systems and Dashboards can often be determined by having a disjointed service offering.  At Powersmiths we have developed a true end-to-end product, service and solutions offering, backed by best practices to ensure each project is a success.

  • We Supply All Hardware (Required Meters, Sensors, Communication Devices)
  • We Supply All Software
  • We Provide Professional Services to Design a Solution that’s Right for Your Organization
  • We Have a Network of Preferred 3rd Party Installers that We Manage So You Don’t Have To
  • We Commission the System to Ensure Functionality and Accuracy
  • We Provide Professional Training for your Staff and On-Going Customer Support
Download the Powersmiths WOW Solutions for Tenant Billing Brochure

Download the Brochure

Powersmiths WOW™ for Tenant Billing Applications

  • Simplified Tenant Billing
  • Fair & Accurate Bills
  • Secure, Wireless Reliable Connectivity (Wifi-Free Options)
  • End-to-End Building Information System Solutions
    • Professional Engineering Services
    • Submetering
    • Energy Management Software
    • System Integration
    • Installation, Commissioning, and Training


Download the Brochure

Fully Supported with Professional Services

Organizations value customer service and professional support as one of the most important pieces of a Building Information System and its success, and yet it’s often overlooked when choosing a system. Our best practices reflect this and were naturally developed as a direct result of our customers need for professional support.

  • We work with you to analyze current workflows, existing set-up (if any), and determine main objectives
  • We develop a product solution offering unique to your requirements and budget
  • We manage and set-up all 3rd party installers, and commission the system to ensure seamless integration and an error-free workflow
  • We have a team of in-house professionals that support you from system design to commissioning and staff training
  • If, down the road, your system requirements change, you have staff-turnover, or something just isn’t right, our on-going support is there to help you find a solution, train your staff, or simply troubleshoot

Your success is our motivation!

powersmiths secure connectivity options

Secure, Wireless, Reliable Connectivity 

Based on the physical structure of your building or campus, direct line communication to your meters can cause a lot of issues.  We have options that prevent data loss and limit connectivity interruptions, all while making sure your data is secure.

  • Option to Connect Over Wifi
    • Uses Your Existing Wifi, Connecting Meters, Devices and Sensors to your Dashboard and Billing Reports
  • Option to Connect Over Radio Frequency
    • Secure Device to Device Communication, is the Same as above, but Eliminates Wifi Interruptions, like Security Breaches, Firewall Issues, IP Changes
  • Option to Connect Over Cellular Network
    • Highest Security Device to Device Communication, Same benefits as above but with added Security
  • Prevent Data Loss
    • Data is Pushed and Stored in the Cloud
    • Data Logging Within the Meter Prevents Loss of Historical Data when the Network is Down or Power is out

Improve Your Tenant Billing Experience

True End-to-End Building Information Solutions to Simplify Tenant Billing

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