Non-residential application-based submetering systems for building data collection, management and reporting

Cyberhawk™ Metering & Powersmiths WOW™  building resource platform provide application-based solutions to accurately collect building system, sub-system and resource data and deliver customized real-time reporting solutions to streamline and automate building resource management, while minimizing unnecessary infrastructure and deployment costs.


Use Cyberhawk™ submeters and Powersmiths WOW™ to:
  • Understand energy consumption/production patterns and profiles
  • Identify cost avoidance opportunities
  • Evaluate power quality and promote system reliability
  • Monitor and evaluate efficiency programs
  • Ongoing M&V and commissioning of energy conservation measures
  • Tenant billing; manage peak demand energy use
  • Support sustainability education; use the building as a teaching tool
  • Gain insight into the effectiveness of GHG mitigation strategies
  • And more…

Integrating, Managing & Reporting Building Resource Data