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Article: “Transforming for Resiliency”

Transforming for Resiliency By: Col. John Handy, M. SAME, USA (Ret.) The Military Engineer, The Energy Issue, Vol.113, No.732, March- April, 2021 Download the Publication Today! By submitting your information, you agree to occasionally receiving company and product information from Powersmiths. We take your privacy seriously, please review [...]

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Zero Net Energy Survey – A Campus Study

"Zero Net Energy Survey" A Campus Study by Powersmiths "Over the course of 15 months, Powersmiths collected no-load loss data for a large commercial campus with 16 buildings.  The no-load loss data was analyzed and compared to Powersmiths' guaranteed losses per published technical data sheets, as well as the competitor's published, unguaranteed losses based [...]

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