The Forge™
Learn more at the Forge™ with extensive product training and industry topic seminars.
Forge workshop topics:
  • Learn how to improve energy efficiency, power quality and reliability in modern electrical systems
  • Understanding transformer efficiency legislations
  • Identify the relationship between efficiency and lowest life cycle cost
  • Demonstrate the impact of loading on energy efficiency
  • Show how non-linear loads, if left uncorrected, waste energy
  • Introduce the Energy Savings Payback (ESP™) calculator as a tool for cost justification and analysis
  • Relate electrical system savings to high performance building certifications

Forge workshops are offered regularly throughout the year. Attendance is free.

To attend a Forge workshop, please inquire by emailing

Powersmiths WOW™ Sustainability Management – Demo & Training 
Your building is trying to tell you something. All you have to do is listen.
Presentation topics include:
  • How Powersmiths WOW™ can help organizations accelerate progress towards their sustainability goals
  • The power of sustainability outreach & education
  • Understanding your building’s performance through data analytics
  • Use your building’s features and resource data as teaching tools
  • and more…

Contact Powersmiths at to request a demonstration or customized training.

Financing Program

Power Technologies Capital, a division of Powersmiths International Corp., offers an attractive leasing program to its customers for equipment financing as an alternative to capital purchasing.

This innovative, alternative financing program, in conjunction with our proprietary Energy Savings and Energy Savings Payback (ESP™) calculator, provide a unique way to align monthly expenditures and savings, such that cash contributions and bottom line impact can be immediately assessed.

This program has many advantages:

  • Fixed monthly payment instead of capital purchase
  • Monthly payment is reduced by energy and other operations savings
  • Finance the total project – product and cost of installation and/or removal
  • After the lease term, the equipment is yours and the monthly savings continue for many years
  • Provides for alternative financing when capital allowance is exhausted

For more information, email us!