Energy-efficient building design practices are becoming the norm as more builders and developers realize the benefits of sustainable building designs. Although focus is often placed on things like energy efficient light bulbs, smart insulation techniques, and other methods of energy conservation, very few people are aware of the benefits of energy-efficient transformers, such as those manufactured by Powersmiths.

Let’s talk about the basics of power distribution transformers and why it is important to choose an energy efficient, low-voltage transformer.

Unnecessary Energy Waste

In commercial applications, the electricity delivered to your building is delivered at much higher voltages than it is to residential areas. This means that almost all commercial buildings require a transformer to decrease (step-down) the voltage, so that it can be used.

All transformers waste energy. Either through vibrations or heat when converting higher voltages to lower voltages, but transformers are not all designed equally, nor do they waste the same amount of energy. Typical transformers are built at high volumes with lower quality, and only just meet the regulated U.S. DOE 2016 efficiency standard. In some cases, these standard issued transformers that just meet regulation still waste 50-75% more energy than they need to. This leads to campuses and organizations all across the continent, cumulatively paying billions of dollars in wasted and completely unused energy, for 30-40 years. Not to mention, that’s the life of a typical transformer! Would you throw billions of dollars in the trash?

In contrast, low-voltage transformers that are optimized specifically for maximum energy savings, such as those sold by Powersmiths, waste significantly less electricity – on average 80% less electricity waste compared to older transformers and 25-50% less energy waste than today’s standard transformers. This efficiency is achieved by focusing on high-quality manufacturing and a proprietary energy efficient, low-voltage design.

Overall, ultra-efficient, dry-type transformers can offer significantly less electricity waste, resulting in a reduced environmental impact and a lower utility bill for your building.

The Benefits of Energy Efficient Transformers

Why are transformers that utilize modern, efficient technology important? Here are three reasons.

  • Longer Lifespans with Less Energy Waste: traditional transformers lose a lot of energy through heat, and heat is the enemy of delicate transformer components. This means that energy-efficient transformers last longer, and save you money, providing a better return-on-investment (ROI).
  • Cost Savings: if your building uses an inefficient transformer, you’re paying the price. All that energy is being added onto your power bill – and simply being wasted. Energy-saving transformers help eliminate this waste, and save you money on electricity.
  • Supports Sustainability Designed Buildings: when used with other sustainable building design strategies like, LEED, Net Zero, etc., energy-efficient transformers can support the common goal of minimizing energy waste

Powersmiths’ energy efficient transformers make a smart choice for new buildings with energy efficiency targets and energy retrofit projects.  They are backed by a standard 32-year warranty and energy savings start accumulating as soon as they are installed.

Powersmiths Is The #1 Choice for Energy Efficient Transformers

Powersmiths is dedicated to providing energy-efficient transformers to commercial, medical, institutional, military, municipal, federal and other types of organizations across North America. For over 20 years, Powersmiths has used advanced design techniques that create class leading, innovative, energy efficient transformers.

Each Powersmiths transformer is built for maximum efficiency. The OPAL™ series transformers, for example, uses 25-50% less power than the required by the Department of Energy – increasing efficiency, and decreasing cost.

While offering a comparably low lifecycle cost, and a 32-year standard pro-rated warranty, each Powersmiths transformer is built to last – guaranteed.

Are you curious about the benefits that an energy-efficient transformer can have for your building? Contact Powersmiths now, we’d be happy to discuss your next project’s requirements, and the benefits of our advanced transformers.