In our previous blog post we discussed the state of the energy performance contracting business. 
While the demand for energy performance and management solutions from ESCOs has never been greater, the competitive demands on performance contracts has increased as well. We at Powersmiths propose that the transformer might well be a new source of delivering not only verified energy savings, but also a way to meet new demands for energy resiliency.

Transformers can be easily overlooked when searching for energy savings for Energy Retrofits.  They are the workhorses of the power distribution system in every building. Transformers spend their time behind closed doors in electrical rooms and service closets, unassuminglystepping voltages down for use in the facility.  An average facility can have multiple transformers, and large campuses, like military bases or universities can have dozens of buildings, multiplying the number of required transformers upward.

From an Energy Savings Standpoint, Transformers Set the Tone for the Entire Electrical Distribution System

An inefficient transformer will only compound downstream inefficiencies, while a highly efficient transformer can improve already efficient downstream ECMs, multiplying the energy savings.  High efficiency transformers offer a dependable and stable source of energy savings.  They are in constant operation, 24 hours a day, which means that the savings from a transformer with a 30 to 40-year lifecycle will have a big impact on your project.

For this reason, it is important that ESCOs choose high quality ECMs, like transformers with long lifecycles that deliver maximum energy savings for the life of the project. Most transformers simply meet current DOE 2016 ratings for transformer efficiency.  Powersmiths OPAL transformers not only meet but exceed the highest standards for transformer efficiency.   Energy losses for OPAL transformers are on average 80% less than pre-2007/TP1 type transformers, and 25 to 50% less than DOE 2016 rated transformers.

Besides years of day-in, day-out predictable savings, highly efficient transformers can help you achieve the verified energy savings your projects demand.  Powersmiths operates an ISO 17025 Certified Test Lab that is used by ESCOs and their customers to establish baseline savings performance numbers prior to installation of a new transformer.  Powersmiths also provides field measurement and verification services (M&V), to confirm the comparative data meets pre-installationsavings measurements.  Together, the baseline and M&V services provide the data required to demonstration verified energy savings.

Powersmiths Transformers Help to Deliver on the Demands of New Issues surrounding Energy Resiliency

Transformers play a critical role in the power quality of the building’s entire electrical system.  Powersmiths’ OPAL Series T1000 harmonic mitigating transformers reduce the power interruptions caused by voltage distortion and poor quality power distribution.

For your next energy performance contract, look to Powersmiths professional services and Powersmiths OPAL transformers.   Together, they deliver energy savings and improve the resiliency of the systems supporting your building.  Check here for more information about specific customer applications.