Powersmiths - Changing Face of Data Centres
The world is built on data – that’s just a fact. Every major company uses data centers to store, access, and retrieve their most critical data. This increased emphasis on data in the 21st century has driven some dramatic changes in data center design. Today, data centers are innovating more quickly than ever before – using advanced technologies like ultra energy efficient power transformers and more flexible technology.

But before we dig too deeply into the specifics of data centers, we should define what we mean by “data center”.

What Is a Data Center?

Simply put, a data center is a large group of centralized, networked computer servers. These servers are used by organizations of all sizes to store, process, and distribute large amounts of data remotely. In the past, most companies hosted their own corporate data centers. However, cloud computing has changed this – today, it’s more common for companies to outsource their data centers to large, centrally-located locations. These large data centers often host the infrastructure of hundreds – if not thousands –  of companies, and consume huge amounts of power in order to offer reliable performance. And this is one of the primary driving factors in the innovation of data centers.

Lower Costs, Higher Reliability – The Focus of Innovation in Data Centers

Large data centers are focused, first and foremost, on reliability. Downtime – periods of time when data is inaccessible to clients – must be avoided at all costs. Clients depend on data centers to be extremely reliable, with a goal of 100% uptime. With high power demands drawing electricity at 100% of the time, power costs are often sky-high for data centers – and they must take innovative opportunities to reduce costs, that do not jeopardize reliability and uptime. The reason for this is simple – if less money is spent on power and energy, profits will increase, and the company hosting the data center can continue to grow. Since power is one of the primary sources of overhead in data centers, modern companies are taking steps to reduce power consumption.

Energy Efficiency and Safety for Critical Power Loads 

As data centers continue to grow, power consumption is continuing to skyrocket. This means that data companies must take steps to implement energy-efficient technology that can offer both lower power consumption, and a higher level of safety and reliability for critical systems. Energy efficiency and safety are both important because they minimize costs – an energy-efficient power distribution system can help reduce power overhead for data centers, and advanced safety features and monitoring tools can help prevent catastrophic system failures.

Flexibility in Data Center Design

Flexibility is also a concern for modern data center design. The needs of modern companies are always changing – which means that data centers must often add and remove critical infrastructure. Without flexible power distribution systems, it can be difficult to adjust to the changing demands of the modern, data-driven world.

Powersmiths – Innovative Power Distribution Solutions for Data Centers

At Powersmiths, we deliver innovative solutions with the central focus on creating flexible, safe, and reliable power distribution and system monitoring technology. For over 20 years, we’ve led the industry in delivering highly configurable, power distribution units that boast class-leading, energy-efficient transformers and safer, more efficient maintainability features, for mission-critical data centers and other advanced technological applications.

Powersmiths unique approach and design best practices ensure that our customers get the optimal power distribution solutions that meet each application’s requirements. By carefully assessing each and every project with an in-depth review and applying direct customer feedback, Powersmiths can provide informed, comprehensive power distribution solutions that are configured to the needs of the specific requirements of each customer and application.

Powersmiths engineers thoroughly understand the power distribution needs of today’s modern data centers, and can provide innovative solutions to a variety of complex data center applications. Contact Powersmiths today, and see how our Energy Station™ PDUs can help to advance the performance of your data center.