In the modern world, managing your building resource data efficiently is more important than ever. That is why at Powersmiths, we are dedicated to providing user-friendly technology that helps reduce costs and energy waste. Let’s look at just how an effective building resource management system can benefit your buildings!
Accurate Energy, Utility Monitoring and Billing

You can’t improve efficiency unless you understand how much power you already use. With innovative application-based submeters and building resource management solutions from Powersmiths, it’s much easier to monitor your power consumption and improve utility usage accuracy for tenant utility billing processes.

Our highly versatile Cyberhawk™ submetering and Powersmiths WOW™ Integrated Building Resource Management Systems allow you to manage building resources more efficiently, measure building resources more effectively, and ultimately, help you and your tenants save money.

You can improve billing accuracy and ensure fairness by metering each metered point (for water gas, water etc.), by tenant area, and within these areas you can pin-point areas where more energy is being consumed. The use of powerful analytic tools and consistent, real-time utility readings can help you understand where the utility hogs are and address these areas in future energy conservation upgrades or retrofits.

For building owners striving for LEED certification, having a submetering system that accurately shows measurement and verification data for building systems and sub systems is extremely important. Some of these systems can include lighting, solar PV, wind power, car charging stations, HVAC, water, variable frequency drives, emergency lighting, power to server rooms, and many others.

Data like energy consumption and production, temperature and waste streams among others, all contribute to the assessment of your building and its systems. These assessments can ensure that everything is performing exactly the way it should be.

Increase System Reliability and Improve Building Performance with Advanced Reporting Tools

Advanced submeter and monitoring systems from Powersmiths can help to dramatically improve the reliability and performance of your energy systems.

With advanced-submetering systems, you can collect valuable building resource data and monitor the ongoing state of your equipment and sub systems with convenient real-time reporting.  These real-time reports may include customized ‘safe’ operating levels for power quality, power consumption, temperature and more.

System Reporting for More Accurate Tenant Billing & M&V

Powersmiths’ integrated data collection, submetering and reporting system can help you measure and monitor energy consumption, system performance, and utility use for accurate tenant billing.

The insights provided by our advanced hardware and software can also improve the efficiency of the processes that are associated with measurement and verification of energy conservation measures (ECMs) and support on-going continuous commissioning initiatives.

This system is also able to efficiently facilitate and streamline building management reporting processes. Automated, auto-populating, and real-time reports can be accessed securely from the office, home or on-the-go from a desktop, mobile device or tablet.

Powersmiths’ intent is to provide a robust, yet turn-key, integrated building data collection, monitoring and reporting system. The system is fully supported from end-to-end. From working with your team and the cost-effective design of the project scope, to the installation, commissioning, and more.

Powersmiths services include supporting your organization’s reporting objectives by creating customized auto-populating charts that coincide with your workflows, as well as training key end-users on how to easily show key data and reports.

Identify Cost-Avoidance Opportunities

Cost-avoidance is absolutely critical for effective building resource management. With advanced submetering and monitoring tools from Powersmiths, it’s easy to identify areas where you can avoid unnecessary costs in the future.

The system provides you with an in-depth look at the use of building resources and production throughout your building. This allows you to take appropriate steps to maximize efficiency and lower costs through smart, energy-saving and cost-avoidance opportunities.

From real estate companies and property managers, to government agencies, data center administrators, educational institutions and healthcare providers, our building data collection, submetering and reporting systems provide a wide variety of benefits for building data management.

Interested in the benefits of powerful building management systems from Powersmiths? Take a look at our website and see how we can help you manage your building’s resources in a way that is safer and more reliable.