Inspection by Powersmith
At Powersmiths, we mean it when we say that we design, manufacture and sell innovative solutions and creative products designed to offer competitive energy savings and reduced safety risks. Sometimes we get to do all of that in one fell swoop.

While it may be less than obvious to the casual observer, the key to maintenance for electrical components, such as distribution units and transformers, is accessibility. The more often the critical connections, windings, and buss bars can be inspected, either visually or with infrared thermal imaging equipment, the better.

Frequent inspections, however, are impractical due to the cost and risk involved in working inside live equipment. And while service ports have been commonplace for some time, we feel that most are lacking in their ability to provide a full view of your equipment.

Safely Monitoring PDU’s and Power Transformer Health

Infrared ports are common on most power distribution units (PDUs) and power transformers. These ports allow employees to monitor these systems with infrared equipment, but do not provide a truly comprehensive view of internal components.

The problem, of course, is that you can view only what is visible through the port, a window that is often several inches in diameter and that allows you to see some, but not all, of the internal components inside the enclosure. Adding more ports can create more visibility, but not a complete view.

To properly inspect the entire unit, the energized components have to be exposed by carefully opening the enclosure. While personnel clad in the appropriate level of personal protective equipment (PPE) complete the inspection, the critical facility is open to the possibility of downtime. More importantly, the inspector himself is exposed to possible arc flash and other extreme safety risks.

It was for these reasons we created a solution that provides personnel a better look at the interior of the PDU or power transformer, yet improves employee safety and minimizes downtime.

Introducing the 360° Rotatable IR Viewing Port

Rather than provide multiple ports, or even larger windows that compromise the structure of the enclosure, the engineers at Powersmiths decided to take a different approach. The result of this effort is the 360º Rotatable IR Viewing Port. This revolutionary piece of equipment provides a completely new take on closed-enclosure infrared equipment inspections. Unlike traditional IR viewing ports, the swiveling window in our new viewing port provides a comprehensive 360o view of what is going on inside the enclosure.

This view offers technicians comprehensive visual access, and also allows them to get insight into equipment operation without a slow and expensive open-enclosure inspection. This provides PDU’s and energy-efficient power transformer customers with a variety of benefits:

Reduced Risk

Since there is no need for personnel to be exposed to energized components, we have greatly reduced the risk of injury from arc flash, as well as other complications that could negatively impact the uptime of your operation.

Increased Cost Savings

Now that the energized components are no longer exposed, inspections can be completed by trained, non-licensed personnel. Inspections can also take place in less time, and during normal business hours.

Increased Efficiency and Reliability

The net effect of the two previous benefits are the improved overall health of your equipment.  Inspections can take place easily and with reduced risk, promoting more frequent inspections of the units.  With a closer eye on the operation of your PDU and transformers, any issues that could negatively impact the safe and efficient operation of the equipment will be more quickly identified.

In short, the 360º Rotatable IR Viewing Port™ is an innovative solution available on all Powersmiths’ PDUs and power transformers, and one that we think will change the way you view your equipment.  This innovative Viewing Port can even be installed in third-party equipment, providing you with maximum flexibility, and an easy, cost-effective way to enhance employee safety on all electrical components.

A Dedication to Safety, Efficiency, and Reliability

At Powersmiths, we pride ourselves on creating useful, reliable products that will serve you well for years and decades to come. Whether you’re interested in our powerful PDUs and energy-efficient transformers, or our would like more information on advanced safety products such as the 360º Rotatable IR Viewing Port™, we’d love to hear from you!

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