Man looking Looking for Energy Savings
How do transformers help Energy Performance Contractors deliver verified energy savings?  In this blog, Powersmiths discusses the competitive Energy Performance Contracting environment, and how efficient transformers can give you an edge.

For those in the business of Energy Performance Contracting (EPC or ESPC – Energy Savings Performance Contracting), the energy savings climate today is more mature than it has been in years.  The advancing market however, presents both opportunities and challenges for most ESCOs.  In this blog, we will discuss the energy savings marketplace and offer a sometimes-overlooked project solution.

To quote the beginning of Dickens’ epic novel A Tale of Two Cities, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…”  On the one hand, the business climate for energy savings projects has never been better.  On the other, higher efficiency standards and the competitive nature of the performance contracting business have increased the demands on today’s ESCOs.

Worldwide, the legislative climate has continued to encourage that national entities mandate energy upgrades and retrofits across all their facilities.  After all, it only makes sense.  Local and national governments often have large real estate portfolios, and with aging infrastructure.

As the general population grows, so do the industrial, manufacturing and telecommunications sectors.  All of these market verticals continue to put pressure on existing power grids.  While they struggle, sometimes mightily, to meet demand, it seems to open the doors wider to energy conservation.  Not only does a more energy efficient infrastructure relieve overall pressure on the grid, it works to offset the growing issue of peak demand.  These peak demand periods are tough on utilities, but also tough on businesses that are looking to improve profitability and avoid high energy rates.

For an ESCO, all of this is good news.  But as demand for energy conservation services has increased, so has the competitive nature of the energy contracting industry.  Once-exciting ECMs have become humdrum and low hanging fruit have been utilized.  Finding new ways of delivering performance and efficiency has become more important than ever and Energy Performance Contractors are looking fiercely for the next piece of infrastructure to upgrade that will deliver verified energy savings.

As an ESCO, where can you find new or overlooked opportunities?  At Powersmiths, we happen to think that the answer lies in energy efficient transformers.

Here are a few things to consider:
  • Transformers are the workhorses of the power distribution system in every building
  • Powersmiths transformers can save an average of 80% of transformer waste over older transformers
  • Powersmiths transformers waste 25-30% less transformer energy waste than its standard competitor
  • Powersmiths transformers come with professional services and a 32-year performance guarantee

In our next blog, we will examine how transformers can play a key role in your next project.  At Powersmiths, we provide our partners with predictable and verified electricity savings. Learn more about how Powersmiths can support your next project with energy efficient transformers.