Project Description


Highlighting the per Transformer Energy Savings Opportunity of a Single Powersmiths Transformer Replacement

A Technology Company

California, USA

Project Drivers:

  • Existing inefficient transformer (TX) supporting critical power loads was 70% loaded, operating at very high temperatures compromising reliability
  • Two fans and a portable cooling unit were being used to compensate for high operating temperatures from excessive TX operating losses

Project Summary:

  • TX to be replaced: NEMA TP1, 300 kVA, K-13, 150º Temp Rise, Electrostatic Shield, Aluminum-wound
  • Existing TX baseline measurements = 7.044 average kW losses, wasting approximately 122,292 kWh/yr, including 60,972 kWh in associated cooling energy
  • Replacement TX: Powersmiths E-SAVER™-C3H design optimized for high loading, 300 kVA, K-13, 105º Temp Rise, Electrostatic Shield, Copper-wound with 360º IR Port™ and Lockable Hinged Doors.

Energy Savings Overview of a Single Transformer Replacement:

  • Overall Combined TX and Cooling Savings: 101,686 kWh/yr
  • Peak Demand Savings: 5.5 kW
  • Reduction in Associated Cooling Energy: 53,506 kWh/yr
  • Reduction in Associated A/C Load: 1.56 tons
  • Freed-up UPS Capacity by 5.5kW

Combined Transformer (TX) and Associated Cooling Energy Consumption

Project Impact of a Single Transformer Replacement

Environmental Impact of a Single Transformer Replacement

Project Rep: Peter Ouellette

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