Project Description

CASE STUDY: Powersmiths Transformers Contribute to 64% in Energy Loss Reduction for U.S. Veterans Affairs Healthcare Buildings through an ESCO Partnership

U.S. Federal – Veterans Affairs (VA) Healthcare Buildings

Puerto Rico, USA

Project Drivers:

  • Executive Order 13423/EISA: Reduce energy intensity by 30% by 2015
  • Executive Order 13423: Reduce GHG emissions by 28% by 2020
  • No capital investment by VA Healthcare System with verified savings
  • Work completed as part of an Energy Savings Performance Contract

Project Summary:

Transformer Retrofit & Energy Savings Verification

  • Baseline measurements of energy losses from 26 existing transformers
  • 26 Powersmiths E-Saver low-voltage dry-type transformers replaced the 26 inefficient existing transformers
  • Post-install energy savings verified by Powersmiths professional metering services in an ISO17025 Certified Lab

Energy Savings Overview:

  • The average baseline energy losses were reduced by 64%
  • Lifecycle Energy Savings: 2,39,0463.6 kWh
  • Overall GHG Emissions Reduction by 2020: 352.8 tons CO2

Transformer (TX) Retrofit Energy Savings Summary:

Contribution to OMB Sustainability & Energy Scorecard: