Project Description

Energy Station™ PDU Customer Applications 

Application: Science & Technology Laboratory

Model: Energy Station™ VERSA

Energy Statiom™ VERSA - Science & Technology Lab

Project Drivers: Multi Voltage Distribution, Efficiency, Project Specific Distribution Configuration

Customer Benefits:

  • —Lower-cost & simpler installation: Integrated 480V & 208V distribution in one package
  • —Safer & simplified preventative maintenance with 360º Rotatable IR Port™
  • —Remote web access to advanced Cyberhawk™ Metering platform
  • —Local Harmonic (3rd to 7th) mitigation with Dual output zigzag transformers eliminating need for active harmonic filter
  • —Met limited space requirements with front-only access

Product Attributes:

  • Front Only Access
  • Industry Leading Efficiency
  • Harmonic Treatment
  • Advanced metering with web access
  • 360º Rotatable IR Port™
  • Multi-Voltage Output